In Poland, we love family gatherings: holidays, birthdays, namedays… you name the occasion! And as much as we love meetings, we love eating, especially if it’s delicious like… Delicje! These iconic Polish cookies have been reigning in our culture for generations and hardly anyone can imagine any celebration without them here. However, everything changes so did Delicje as well. 

Our agency was asked for support in refreshing packaging of Delicje. As the cookies gained so much love and trust among Polish customers, we didn’t want to make revolutionary changes within the well known design. It was high time though to introduce the product to the younger audience and assure them that they are the ideal snack not only during family gathering but also during parties or picnics. 

We focused on making the fruits even more appetizing and also refreshed the logo to give it a more modern touch. All of it to create a stylish design and extract greater deliciousness of these goodies.

Now, everyone can enjoy Delicje, regardless of the age and occasion!

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